About Me

Tomas Revetria is an accomplished sales professional in the automotive industry, known for his expertise, dedication, and passion for providing exceptional customer service. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, Tomas immigrated to the United States and established himself as a prominent figure in the automotive sales field.

Current Role and Career History

Sales Manager at Tulley BMW of Nashua

As Sales Manager at Tulley BMW of Nashua, Nashua, NH, Tomas demonstrates his leadership skills and automotive sales expertise. He oversees a team of sales professionals, ensuring seamless operations and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Tomas's dedication to maintaining high standards and fostering a customer-centric environment has contributed to the dealership receiving BMW's prestigious Center of Excellence award an impressive seven times. This accolade is reserved for the top 10% of BMW dealerships nationwide.

Previous Roles in Automotive Sales

Tomas's journey in automotive sales began after graduating from Leominster High School in Massachusetts. With a passion for automobiles and a keen interest in automotive technology, he pursued a career in sales. He started his career at two different Toyota dealerships, where he gained invaluable experience in automotive sales. He demonstrated exceptional sales skills and knowledge and achieved the Toyota Certified Bronze Level Salesperson recognition. Later, Tomas joined a VW dealership in Westborough, MA, as an Internet Sales Manager, leveraging his expertise in online sales strategies to drive growth and customer engagement. His dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction earned him a reputation as a trusted sales professional.

Continuing his pursuit of excellence, Tomas joined Herb Chambers BMW of Sudbury, MA, where he thrived in both sales and finance roles. His ability to build strong customer relationships and in-depth understanding of automotive finance contributed to his success in this challenging field.

Academic Background and Expertise

Automotive Technology

Although Tomas Revetria did not pursue a college education, his passion for automotive technology led him to acquire extensive knowledge. He studied automotive technology at the technical school affiliated with Leominster High School, enabling him to understand the intricate workings of vehicles. This background gives him a solid foundation in understanding the technical aspects of cars, allowing him to effectively communicate with customers and offer expert advice.

Sales Expertise and Certifications

Tomas's professional accomplishments include being recognized as a Toyota Certified Bronze Level Salesperson at the Toyota dealerships. This certification acknowledges his expertise in sales techniques and product knowledge specific to Toyota vehicles.

Furthermore, he achieved BMW certification as a salesperson, further solidifying his expertise in luxury vehicle sales. This certification demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of BMW models, features, and customer service, enabling him to provide an exceptional buying experience for his clients.

Involvement in Automotive-Related Hobbies and Interests

Tomas's passion for the automotive industry extends beyond his professional endeavors. During his free time, he engages in various activities that allow him to indulge in his love for cars and physical challenges. 

Car Racing Enthusiast

One of Tomas's primary hobbies is car racing, a lifelong passion. From a young age, he avidly watched racing events on television, fueling his fascination with speed and adrenaline. He actively participates in car racing activities, including racing go-karts for fun and taking his car to the drag strip at Epping, NH's New England Dragway. These pursuits provide him with an exhilarating and mentally stimulating experience, requiring focus, skill, and a keen understanding of racing mechanics. 

Soccer and Sporting Events

Tomas Revetria also enjoys playing soccer, a sport he grew up with and continues to appreciate. Engaging in pick-up games allows him to maintain an active lifestyle while enjoying the camaraderie and strategic aspects of the game. Additionally, he attends sporting events such as Red Sox games, immersing himself in the thrilling atmosphere of live sports.

Other Active Pursuits

Tomas participates in snowboarding, tennis, and skateboarding to satisfy his passion for physical activity. These activities provide him with physical exertion, creativity, and competitive challenges. They allow him to continually push himself and experience the thrill of testing his limits.

Personal Life and Interests

His interests enrich Tomas's personal life and love for his family. While his professional achievements and hobbies bring fulfillment, he values spending quality time with his loved ones. The support and encouragement of his family fuel his drive for success. Tomas's career in automotive sales is a testament to his expertise, dedication, and commitment to exceptional customer service. His journey from being a Toyota Certified Bronze Level Salesperson to his current role as a Sales Manager at Tulley BMW of Nashua showcases his drive for continuous growth and success. Tomas's involvement in the automotive industry extends beyond his professional endeavors, as he actively participates in car racing and enjoys various physical activities and sports.

Beyond his professional and hobby pursuits, Tomas values the importance of family and cherishes moments spent with loved ones. His dedication, expertise, and well-rounded approach to life make Tomas Revetria a respected and accomplished individual in his personal and professional spheres.


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